First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Good day readers, This is my very first post.

In the past I have been to busy with work, home and hobbies to generally notice trends or cultural events.

This all changed on 4 March 2015 when I was presented with a Smart phone for my birthday. Having previously relied on a mobile and PC to communicate to the outside World.

Don’t be mistaken for thinking that I do not know about Computers for I trained as a Microsoft Systems Engineer amongst other things, it was that my chosen profession required minimum PC exposure, and I wasn’t enamoured with the mobile companies hard sell tactics, so I dug my heels in.

Most of you should by now realise that you are slowly but surely being milked, and it’s not just technology doing it. Pretty much everything you do, say, touch, eat, drink, watch or listen too, has been provided by Entities who ‘ Seriously don’t give two shits about any of us’.

Now then! My New Smart phone? It didn’t take me long to get into the Social Media side of things, where a plethora of information and misinformation abound, seriously this took a while to sift through, but soon the usually Labour voting socially caring Trade Union backing man that I once was, Changed forever.

My first foray into immediate 24/7 internet access shocked me by how many people hated Israel. Till then I had only what my granddad Tom had told me about his time in the Palestine Police. So I already had a bit of knowledge about these people, I wasn’t prepared though for the scale of which they had decimated that part of Middle East, I spent hours checking facts purely for my benefit, but knew that these facts are carefully orchestrated so that the true reality doesn’t shine on them.

One of the tactics used is to spy on your data input, then either by blocking or later changing your input to show you in a bad light. Any one who shines a light on their nefarious operations is usually targeted and the wail goes up of ‘ Anti Semite’.

They have even gone as far as to get the meaning of this term Changed in dictionaries,2012 editions, the arm of their attack that does this is part of Hasbara, which to those who don’t know have been secretly going through things like Wikipedia and altering the content to show Israel more favourably.

The sorry part of this whole fiasco is that it has unfortunately cast a vast net of hatred, which has embroiled Non Zionist Jews into the fray, remember Jews and Arabs lived peacefully in Palestine long before these Usurpers showed their faces.

Well I could go on for hours but I would encourage you all to not take my word for it do your own research.

Next time we’ll talk about Communist infiltration of UK and USA, amongst other things. Thanks for reading my first post.